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Lean Care Solutions is a healthcare analytics business bringing cutting-edge research-based engineering and business methods to hospitals and healthcare networks globally. Using predictive analytics and operations research, our suite of products are designed to provide decision support tools to reduce cost, improve the quality of care, and improve patient outcomes through smart operational improvements in hospitals.
We offer powerful new technologies and approaches that can be tailored to the institution to better forecast and control patient flows and key performance metrics. We innovate and create commercial products in the healthcare analytics space, solving problems such as readmissions, resource utilization, patient flow, workforce planning and scheduling.
The innovation that LCS brings is gaining traction with major healthcare organizations globally. Our customers and major markets are in the Midwest with extensive traction in the Indianapolis area, the West Coast and globally in Singapore. We are looking to scale quickly nationwide.
The LCS suite of products are catered to help hospitals support key decisions that directly or indirectly affect the hospital’s performance - healthcare delivery, outcomes, patient satisfaction and finances - using operations research and engineering methods.