Workforce Planning

Nurse staffing is the single largest (60-70%) expense of the hospital. Hospitals struggle to efficiently staff nurses due to the variable workload and census levels in different units of the hospital. Differing skills, grades of pay, and working hours all add to the complexity.
Our solution provides accurate workload forecasts within the hospital at the unit level to help nurse managers and planners schedule correct nurse-patient mix ratios. Nurses will also now be able to preview workloads to provide advanced warning of busy and lull times and enable proactive rather than reactive decision making.
As a result, we are able to reduce expenses for nurse overtime and/or reduce high costs for flexible labor arrangements such as call-in nurses. We are able to alleviate the key reasons for job dissatisfaction and high turnover of nurses: highly unpredictable variable workloads and uncertain work hours. Research also demonstrates the negative impact on the quality of patient care due to nurse dissatisfaction.